Wednesday, June 2, 2010

WickeD WitS #3 Sickness is a bad thing. It ill-treats you.
WickeD WitS #2 My friend's a pawn star. He's an expert at chess.
WickeD WitS #1 A walking stick doesn't walk.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Just blog it !

A four-letter word we all like to do.
Yeah man, I did say do.

It's where you dump.
All that you want to pump.
U better get off and jump.
Else all you'll do is grump.

It's where you can pour.
All that's happy and sore.
Well, sometimes you really can bore.
If you actually talk about the yore.

Just get up and write.
Or dude just at least try it.
When you're so full of fright.
Blog, whether it's day or night.

It's your secret silent corner.
Where you can just garner.
Memories of even a foreigner.
Or that old haggard prisoner.


Sunday, June 29, 2008


The Incredible.
Thevar Magan.
Thunder Thighs.
Anbe Sivam.
Rajni sometimes Can (courtesy: Bundu).
Roti Ghar.
Appu Ghar.
Shreya Ghoshal.
Black see-through Shades.
AR Rehman.
Odinain, Odinain.
Srinagar Colony.
Revlon (ask him about the connection).
Big Wigs.
Over-sized Wigs.
White Shirts.
Red Chillies.
Black Jeans.
Blue Shoes.
Aha aahaha Aaaanh.
Item Numbers.
More Items.
Five Stars.

Bundu, described in One Word.

Monday, June 23, 2008


What’s in a Name?

There’s a lot actually.
There’s the First Name. The Middle name. The Last Name. The Family Name. Dad’s Name. Mom’s Name. The Granddad’s Name. His Dad’s Name. And His His Dad’s Name (in some cases).

And then there’s more.
There’s Influence. There’s the Discount. There are Freebies. There are ‘Buy One Get Five Free’ deals. There’s Quantity. There’s Quality. There’s More. There’s Some More. There are ‘Reserved Tables’. There are ‘now available’ Theatre Tickets. There’s Extra Security. There’s the Red Carpet. There are Exclusive Enclosures. There are Instant Home Deliveries. There are apartments that come at Rs.20 less per sft. There are Complimentary Takeaways. There are Supplementary Vouchers. There are more Gifts. There are invites to Premier Shows. There are invites to VIP weddings.

And then there’s nothing.
There’s Defame. There’s Notoriety. There’s Bankruptcy. There’s a Sob Story. There’s actually a lot in a name.

So what’s in a Name
There are precisely 145 words. 3 paragraphs. And plenty of intelligent gibberish.

Addiction... Add... Add... Addic.

Slot it as an unsung cousin and an offshoot of ESP (Extra Sensory Perception), addiction happens in different forms, to objects and probably in different intensities.

It’s time to get the brasstacks of it now, with a few examples .

Addiction to Fragrance: Here’s for some talcum talk. It probably begins with the talc. For starters, let’s make it Gokul. (Sincere apologies to those who’ve never ever heard of it. I actually happened to spot one at a kirana store). You run down to the kirana store next door. And again, you ask for another Gokul. If that’s not addiction, then what is.

Addiction to Coke: Pour it in a translucent glass. It’s black. Blacker than a black crow’s cover. But you still want to run it down your esophagus. You don’t find it yuck. That’s addiction. Pure addiction.

Addiction to Nothing: This is addiction again. You’re not addicted to anything. Not food. Nor smell. Not driving. Nor gutkas. Not home. Not burgers. Nothing. Even this, is another kind of addiction.

That’s addiction. Just addiction.

And its addiction to boredom. If you’re actually reading this.